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Moroccan Amazigh rugs – How To Take Care Of These Heritage Pieces

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Traditional Moroccan Amazigh rugs are handcrafted by tribal members that hand down their color combinations & patterns from one generation to the other. These rugs can be availed in different designs and colors that range from subtle and neutral to bright and stunning. You can best protect these rugs with proper care.

With proper preventative care you can keep these Amazigh rugs looking their best for years. That doesn’t entail protecting it from every footstep, but it does means taking right measures to keep the dirt and debris away. During daily use, dirt and debris can become entrenched in yarns of the carpet. Once entrenched, the dust starts to shred the yarns. This shredding can prompt exposed stains in an otherwise beautiful rug. The lifespan of the rug can be prolonged if dirt is taken off weekly.

You should shake the rug outside, at least one time in 3 month, until all dust has been removed. If shaking the carpet outside seems unrealistic you can vacuum it, if possible with a portable vacuum, gently from one side to another, so there won’t be a great deal of damage to the fibers. Make sure to toss the vacuum and rug both sides. Shaking & vacuuming on a daily basis should be adequate to keep your rug well-maintained throughout standard use.

You may also think about spot cleaning your Amazigh rug at times. Wipe out any liquid as fast as feasible to prevent it from soaking into the yarns. Keep in mind that, depending on the type of dye, liquid may cause some bleeding. To prevent foreign dyes from entering the fibers you can use a paper towel to blot. Don’t rub as this may break down the yarns.

Don’t forget the location of the rug when thinking how frequently you need to clean it. If you’ve placed your rug in a high traffic area or you have pets in your home, you should think about cleaning it more often. The rug also needs to be cleaned professionally in every 2-3 year interval even though you are taking all the preventative measures. Make sure to hire a reputed cleaning service that have experience cleaning Amazigh rugs as several chemicals employed in dry cleaning can ruin the yarns and dyes used in it.

Investing on a Moroccan Amazigh rug is a wise decision as these are items that could stay with a family for generations. These rugs are made to last long as long as precautionary care is taken.

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