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Boucharouite rug

One of the rly made carpets in Morocco in the last 20 years, made out of the rest of textile material.
Pre-used clothing, wool, cotton and sometimes goats hair.This has an attractive face of the Tribal Naive Art in Morocco.
This recycling process has become very trendy in the Middle and Higher Atlas villages.
They are unique pieces of modern art to decorate your floor or wall.

Traditional Boucharouite Rug in Morocco

Are you looking for a unique way to add color and contemporary flair to your home décor? Vintage Boucharouite rug in Morocco is hard to beat. At WeBerber, every rug is handmade by local Berber tribes and is unique to any rug you have ever, making it very exceptional. It means, our Boucharouite rug looks beautiful in home décor. Their overall appearance is beautiful and has the ability to illuminate the entire ambiance. This is one of the main reasons why these Moroccan Berber rugs are popular all around the world.

Boucharouite is a vintage rug style specific to rural tribes of Morocco. They have come to existence because of using traditional weaving style and materials. Our Boucharouite rugs are hand-loomed by Berber women and are one-of-their-kind. These rugs are the artwork in themselves, comprising of exceptional patterns and a wide array of color that expresses their vision in a beautiful way. The difficult decision you have to make is to decide whether you will use our Boucharouite rug as your wall or floor adornment!

Embrace the Vintage Boucharouite Rug for Moroccan-Inspired Fashion

WeBerber specialize in providing an extensive selection of Boucharouite rug in Morocco innovatively designed specifically by Berber women. We strive to give new life to your home décor by incorporating unique designs, natural fabrics and dying to deliver you rugs that are second to none. Amazigh – Berber women incorporate their own imaginative ideas, vision, inherited tribal symbols and personal beliefs into their creation.

At WeBerber, we blend both colors and patterns creatively to deliver truly striking works of art unique to every weaver. You’ll get outstanding end-results with a plenty of vibrant colors and life. Our vintage Moroccan inspired rugs are suitable for any area of your home and particularly used in kid’s rooms, kitchens or living rooms.

These traditional Moroccan rugs are hand-woven by the Berber tribes from which the rugs get their recognition. The Berber people typically live in Morocco and are famed for their standard craftsmanship and dedication.