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Beni ourain rug the minimalist white ivory rug.

Beni ourain rug the minimalist white ivory rug.

The Beni Ourain carpets are hand-woven just by females, as well as the ability and knowledge is passed from mommy to child. The Berber weavers would certainly imbue them collaborate with the symbols and styles that was necessary to their society. As such, these carpets represent one of the most tangible indications of Moroccan social heritage. The design elements utilized in the carpets are reflective of the weavers' reality. Typically, the carpets make-ups record routine life occasions as well as represent significant motifs such as birth, fertility, nature, country life. Some individuals who weave the rugs believe that the rugs themselves are barriers against friends, so they purposefully include fortunate beauty and tribal ritualistic symbolism. Patterns typically include brownish and black lines or abstract shapes versus a white or lotion history. Some designs evoke the ancient Berber alphabet and even cave paints. A lot of rugs do not have a boundary. Some have fringe and others do not, while some have an edge on one side only. The carpets tend to last a lifetime or more. Though they are generally utilized as and known to be rugs, Beni Ourains were typically produced to be coverings or bedspreads and not flooring. Their loosened framework is suggested to conform to the body. They have a thick, soft pile which is deep or superficial according to the purpose. Knots are tied in a really details method. The carpets are woven with no pattern or representation to follow, which is why they are all distinct. The style and ornament are birthed spontaneously out of the introspective state of the weaver, that typically chant petitions as they weave. They got their globe acknowledgment when the well-known engineer Le Corbusier utilized them for his interiors. They are a real hit amongst fashionable designers of New York as well as California.

Buying the Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug

Currently, the Moroccan Beni Ourain rug is considered as one of the most popular vintage rugs available on sale. Our Beni rugs are unique vintage works of art and highly sought after artwork for those appreciating traditional art in all its forms.

We have beautifully designed Beni Ourain rugs that look well in contemporary spaces and traditional homes of all kinds. Every Beni rug available at WeBerber has been exceptionally crafted by weavers focusing on incorporating timeless elements into their design. We believe that the Moroccan Berber rugs, hand-woven by the Beni Ourain tribes of the Atlas Mountains are one of the magnificent Moroccan cultural contributions towards the world.

Our Beni rug collections are one-of-its-kind, striking works art featuring vibrant and enigmatic compositions that appeal to people from all over the world. At WeBerber, we have local artisans and weavers with hands-on-experience of using natural wools and dyes, making these pieces inherently aesthetic.

Finding the Ideal Traditionally Hand-Woven Beni Rug

Whether you want to make the purchase of a Beni Ourain rug for your contemporary or traditional home, WeBerber is the best choice you should stop at. Our exceptionally design Beni rugs are greatly appreciated by people from all walks of your life. Nothing could accent a high-end luxury home than the vintage Berber rugs on sale at WeBerber.

We have a large selection of authentic new and vintage Beni Ourain rugs that come in different shapes and sizes – all are hand-woven by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains. With the sophisticated weaves, all of our Moroccan rugs and carpets from Beni Ourain are available in striking designs, patterns, and textures.

Take this opportunity and browse our selection of Moroccan culture-inspired rugs. The patterns range from bold designs reminiscent of Moroccan artwork to designs that are almost monochrome in appearance. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for the traditionally-intricated Beni Ourain rugs and make the right purchase for your personal needs!