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All About Beni Mguild Rugs Morocco!

Morocco’s rural weaving culture is attracting a huge deal of attention since the last 20 years from the international art world. Moroccan Berber rugs, in particular, hold a special place in the early and mid-twentieth century Western design. However, with modernity and modernism coming into force, designers started coming up with more abstract and bold […]

Three Things to Know About Boucharouite Rug Morocco

boucherouite rug

If vintage is more your style, then a rug from boucharouite collection is a must. You can create the rugs from vintage recycled fabric with textiles and wool woven together using natural dyes. This way you will add an explosion of vibrant colours to your home using boucharouite rug Morocco. Morocco is usually known for […]

Moroccan Carpet – The Most Unique Way to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

red rug

Lately, you must have witnessed Moroccan rugs and carpets in all shelter magazines, managing to be both cozy and chic. So, now you are wondering how could you make one work in your space. Although choosing carpets for a home is an intimidating task, Moroccan rugs can be easily integrated into any design. You will […]

How to Style Your Favorite Abstract Rug Morocco – 5 Tips to Know!

azilal rug

Moroccan rugs are usually the carpets and textiles that are traditionally hand-woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic era. Tribal people earlier used to hand weave these rugs for utility rather than decorative purposes. Abstract rug Morocco is a decor must-have for design enthusiasts as they tend to be one-of-a-kind, statement-making pieces […]

Handcrafted Beniourain Rugs Are Highly Sought After Gems For Most Homeowners

moroccan weavers

Do you love natural and traditional style rugs? Do you want a rug that you can pass down for generations? Then we’ve got something amazing for you. We are talking about BeniOurain Rug –the most delicate yet gorgeous rug for your home or office space. BeniOurain rugs seem to be the most comfortable rugs you’ll […]

Beni Mguild Rugs – Designed To Be Aesthetic

vintage moroccan rug

At We Berber we have spend several years working with Berber folks in Morocco, who both weave out in-house designed rugs & who we source our one-of-a-kind vintage rugs from. The term “Berber Rugs” has been popularized recently, and is usually employed to portray the monochrome Beni-Ourain rugs which undergone a resurrection of late. The […]

Moroccan Berber rugs – How To Take Care Of These Heritage Pieces

cleanning rug

Traditional Moroccan Berber rugs are handcrafted by tribal members that hand down their color combinations & patterns from one generation to the other. These rugs can be availed in different designs and colors that range from subtle and neutral to bright and stunning. You can best protect these rugs with proper care. With proper preventative […]