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How We Make Them


Once you decide to buy our vintage or modern wool Berber carpets to decor your living-room or bedroom, You will get amazed at the diversity of the handmade rugs. Mostly, the Berbers who are known for the authentic rugs located in the Atlas mountains and southern. The best-known tribes that make natural wool rugs are Beni Ourain, Zemmour, Talsint, Beni Mgild, and Azilal. Those five tribes differ in the style of art and design that they make. It's worth to mention that the Amazigh women are the pillars of Berber art. Those women express their experiences throughout the language of geometric patterns and color. Each rug is for significant events such as a wedding, pregnancy or to keep their interiors warm. Weberber is a company created by the third generation of an artisan family located in the Middle Atlas mountains.
Why WeBerber?  
Our mission as Berbers is to promote our culture and make a presentation of it in the virtual world and consequently in the real world. The Amazigh culture has faced many invasions throughout the history the last attack, the Islamic one, had dominated the culture. For example, there is a difference of the patterns of the handmade rug that was made by Amazigh women before the invasion of the Islamics and after. For that, We are digging more rooted our culture to deliver an explicit content and artifacts of the real Amazigh culture.


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