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WeBerber – Home to Handmade Moroccan Berber Rug Collection

WeBerber is a premier name in the Moroccan Berber rug industry specializing in providing most award-winning, exceptionally handcrafted rugs on sale. All of our handmade Moroccan rugs are of the superior standard and are made from natural wool, availed directly from the Atlas Mountains. 

As the one-stop-destination for Vintage rugs, WeBerber strives to deliver the beautifully designed fabrics boasting the spectacular glory of traditional art and culture from Morocco. Nevertheless of your priorities and preferences are, our Moroccan Berber rugs are the pieces for all of your flooring needs. 

With diverse arrays of Moroccan carpet styles and Berber rug treasures, let WeBerber help your home decor carry the timeless and graceful look. The overall quality and authenticity of our handmade Moroccan rug products are just second to none. At WeBerber, we have an extensive selection of Moroccan carpets in different styles, colors and textures to bring in the vintage and fashionable look to your home that it deserves. 

Intricately-Designed Berber Rugs with Vintage Flair

Our Moroccan Berber rugs are greatly inspired by vintage Amazigh cultural influences and handmade by local Berber weavers and artisans. Focusing on delivering hand-woven rugs, WeBerber aims to deliver the exceptional art forms of the vintage Amazigh culture. Each Moroccan carpet from our collection is one-of-its-kind and of superb standard. 

WeBerber has a huge assortment of Moroccan Berber rugs, hand woven and designed by women in Berber tribes. All of our handcrafted rugs and carpets are made from the finest quality natural wools, native dyes and organic cleans. Take a look at our available Berber rug collection and make a choice best suiting your personal requirements and priorities. 

Our Moroccan carpets make for a beautiful addition to your home. They are not only appealing to the eye; but are a unique conversation piece. Whether you’re looking for a functional or a stunning work of art for your flooring, nothing can beat the elegance and beauty of our Moroccan Berber rugs. 

Instead of hesitating further, it’s time to uplift your overall home décor with our vintage handmade Moroccan rug and carpet products! Your favorite authentic Moroccan Berber rug is only a click away!

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