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azilal rugs

are all the woven made in azilal country in middle-high atlas area.

Vintage Azilal Rugs with Traditional Moroccan Flair

Looking to purchase a rug that brings in a Moroccan touch to your overall décor? Get ready to be tempted with colors of nature that illuminate home ambiance with convenience and comfort through Moroccan Azilal rugs. At WeBerber, we have a beautiful collection of traditionally hand-woven Azilal rug collection by Berber women from the Azilal region in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

When you take a look at our available Azilal rugs, you will find beautiful colors ranging from neutral to bright shades and different patterns as well as shapes. Every Moroccan Berber rug has its share of personality and showcases the weaver’s life aspirations. That means the Azilal rug has its own story to tell.

Hand-woven generally by local women and artisans, our Azilal rugs are made from natural wool and dying. The expert weavers express their voice through unique patterns and symbols. Using this piece of artwork, they tell a rich story of their life beautifully.

Our unique pieces of modern art have every flair to fit beautifully in any modern décor. Ideal for apartments and small spaces, the Berber carpet comes from Azilal tribe residing in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Consider using it next to the bed or in an entryway.

Shopping for Traditional Azilal Rug Online

We at WeBerber specialize in providing Moroccan vintage Azilal rugs with lighter background complementing with exceptional patterns and colors. These patterns are uniquely contemporary and modern. It seems fascinating when you think of women making their life far away from the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyle and don’t have access to modern society.

Generally, Berber women get inspired by nature and graphic signs as well as themes. Our local weavers use traditional weaving methods to deliver the vintage Azilal rugs that people from all around the world look for. If you want an Azilal rug that has depth, soul, and character, you should feel free to start checking out our latest Berber rug collection.