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zemmour rug
These Moroccan rugs take after the Zemmour style of weaving from Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains characterized by bands of geometric designs.

Zemmour Style Moroccan Kilim Rug Collection

Nowadays most designers and trendsetters are focusing more on versatility and eclectic beauty of the Kilim rugs, hand-woven in Morocco. WeBerber has an extensive Moroccan Kilim rug collection available in unique geometric patterns and intricate woven textures. We have Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rugs, perfect addition to classic, modern or eclectic mid-century furnishings.

When you’re looking for a traditional rug with a great value, the hand-woven Moroccan Kilim rugs available at WeBerber are phenomenal options to go for. They have stunning textile art and extremely artistic patterns to choose from. Every Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rug is one-of-its-kind and is affordable alternative to the newer or more commercial counterparts.

Featuring with symmetrical designs, our Moroccan Kilim rugs are traditionally woven by skillful and knowledgeable Berber artisans in Morocco. No two rugs are the same. It’s time to combine this vintage rug with solid colored walls and furniture for an amplified home appeal.

Using Moroccan Kilim Rug Designed with Craftsmanship and Fineness

WeBerber has Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rugs made with exceptional designs, patterns and stunning craftsmanship. Nevertheless of the type you make the purchase, our Kilim rugs are hand-woven in wool and have the ability to bring in life to any space. You can use them anywhere in your home because of their rich hues and tones.

These Moroccan rugs take after the Zemmour weaving style from the Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains characterized by bands of geometric designs. At WeBerber, our Moroccan Kilim rugs are popular options for their stunning, superior quality embroidery and sometimes decorated with sequins. We have Kilim rugs woven from wool and patterns with varying Berber motifs.

A Moroccan kilim rug brings character and distinction to any room. This striking wool kilim features traditional Zemmour tribal designs, Berber women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco created this piece using traditional skills passed down from mother to daughter. Indeed a work of art.

All of our Moroccan Kilim rug collection has bold statement colors and Berber symbols that add uniqueness to each and every rug product. So, if you’re looking for cost-effective thin textured flat weave carpets with a modern approach to their patterns and designs, the vintage inspired modern Moroccan Kilim rugs are hard to beat. Take a look at our available collection of Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rugs and shop for the best rug today!