About us

Weberber is a company created by Abdelghani Hammoud, the third generation of an artisan family located in the Middle Atlas mountains. Exactly, In Khemisset which is a small town near to the Capital of Morocco RABAT. My people used to make Handmade Carpets; they make 1000 pieces a week. I grow up watching my mother and her friends woven the carpets while my dad was focusing on selling the products that we made. Then one day I asked myself how we can show the world what our Mothers could do.
That's why I started " WeBerber " to bring manufacturing back home and use all that skill on our doorstep to the world.
I'm Abdelghani Hammoud a Berber man from the middle Atlas, from a young age I was addicted to every kind of Art, possessed by the magic of our Berber textile colors, by how our MOTHERS extract those colors from vegetable & plants, there smiles when they do their work. I believe that everything we create or we do with love is a form of ART. That's why I'm here to share with You a time-capsule not just a rug under your feet. 
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