Three Things to Know About Boucharouite Rug Morocco

If vintage is more your style, then a rug from boucharouite collection is a must. You can create the rugs from vintage recycled fabric with textiles and wool woven together using natural dyes. This way you will add an explosion of vibrant colours to your home using boucharouite rug Morocco.

Morocco is usually known for their beautiful, unique, and impressive woolen rugs. The Berber tribe hand-weave the rugs following an age-old tradition as well as belief in creating them. We bet one cannot resist itself from the irresistible charm of the beautiful Moroccan boucharouite rugs!

Besides being trendy and stylish, one can use boucharouite rug Morocco as an indoor carpet at their houses for more practical use. These Moroccan rugs are slowly becoming favorite for several people as many advantages come from using it.

Here are a few things that you might be unaware of these rugs.

The Real Meaning: In Moroccan, boucharouite simply means used clothing or scrap. Instead of weaving the rugs from wool, Moroccan women started to use yarn rugs from recycled carpets. They also use cotton, recycled wool, as well as nylon and lurex. They also use packaging material or plastic from grain shipping bags to create this beautiful rug.

The women of the tribe follow freestyle technique to stitch the rugs, and the pattern is mostly asymmetrical. This unusual pattern usually makes them look extravagant. The most significant thing about the entire thing is the color of these scraps seems bright and vibrant. One can never get this kind of color using a vegetable dye.

The weave motifs and symbols that are quite an important part of the tribe. You can notice them in various sizes and shapes that look both attractive and catchy to behold.

How the Moroccans Use It: The rugs are mostly intended for covering up the expensive woolen carpet at homes. This ca is perfect when you have small children at home, especially babies.

Many people also use the carpet to place it on a mule or horse before the rider sits in. You can also see people often using this rug as covers for the saddles in Morocco.

The design of boucharouite rug Morocco is created mainly to assist people to use it in their everyday life. They are simple and look great because of their vitality. Moroccan people also use the rug to overcome the cold that they experience in winter. They are warm and give comfort to the feet during the winters.

You Should Use Them: The rugs are sturdy and significantly enhance the decor of your home beautifully. They can get along almost every type of interior design that you see around.

Many stylists and designers love these rugs so much that they are seeing use them in their projects. You will not miss seeing boucharouite rugs as you flip through the pages of an interior magazine. Using Moroccan boucharouite rugs to your space can give it an altogether different feel.


The Moroccan Boucharouite rug is a reflection of the history of Morocco their daily living and the daily feelings of the Moroccan women. Each type pf Moroccan rug has its own characteristic based on the area where it comes from, and the history of that area.

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