The Best Way To Have An Authentic Abstract Rug Of Morocco At An Affordable Price

Everybody realizes that a Moroccan carpet is a perfect way to decorate a room. The delicate surface of an abstract rug of Morocco  radiates warmth and never have a shaggy look. The tones range from that ideal shade which you would like to have in your house interior. However, because Moroccan rugs are so sleek and solid, they additionally accompany a heavy sticker price. A vendor will let you know they keep going forever, and they do. However, it is hard to swallow the large numbers you need to spend at a time.

That is the reason Moroccan Carpets Ltd has opened an online store, making it possible for all to have authentic Moroccan rugs at a fantastic price. We are a brand developed in 2017 by Abdelghani Hammoud, the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. We have tried to elevate the problems of purchasing a Moroccan rug: that very exorbitant cost, size and shading limits, and validness. 

The beginning of the journey

Everything began a few years prior when Abdelghani Hammoud started setting up a store to sell Moroccan rugs directly from the artisans. The venture had two objectives. One of those was to make it possible to have an authentic abstract rug of Morocco at an affordable price, and the other was to carry on the family tradition of making Moroccan rugs. Our artisans are the actual people living in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They follow the traditional way of making Moroccan rugs. All our rugs are handmade, and so you can depend on us to have authentic rugs. 

The authenticity of our rugs

Our artisans follow the age-old traditions to hand weave the rugs. They use original wool and natural colour during the process. We never allow any un traditional methods to weave the Moroccan rugs. Each of our rugs is a piece of art, and each piece is one of a kind. It is not that you need to buy from our collections. If you have a design in mind or not finding what you want, do let us know, and we will make that happen. 

We perceive that a large portion of the fun in going to Morocco is doing the mat shopping, yet let us be honest, booking an excursion has been on your rundown for quite a long time. However, the spread of the COVID-19 has made that impossible. So, to get precisely what you need to your door in the shortest possible time, look at our collections. We likewise made some stunning examples through our hand weaving system, so you can feel like you indeed were in Morocco to purchase the abstract rugs. 

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