Talsint Town, its people and art

Talsint Town, its people and art

Talsint Village

Talsint is a town and rural commune in Figuig Province, Oriental, Morocco. According to the 2004 census it had a population of 7,098. Amazigh people are the first inhabitants of Talsint. They are known for the several kinds of art that they enjoy making. From dresses, weddings dances to rugs and the artifact that they make. Due to its rural geographical area, this village suffered from neglection. However, after the discovery of the gas oil in Talsint, the latter become a little bit known.

If you have ever visited this village, you will get amazed with the simplicity and enjoyment that these people are living. Hospitality is one of the warming characters of these people. Weddings are the best time for them in which they present with passion their dances and inherit. Ahiddous is one of the most known dances of Amazigh people in Morocco. However, each tribe has its version as Talsint do. If you are curious about their dancing, check this video.

As I mentioned before, rugs are own of the known craft that Talsint women produce. Talsint rugs are exceptional and deserve to be at the top of the Amazigh art. These women have an imagination and magic hand to make Abstract handmade art. Take a moment of your time and enjoy the art in this carpet, if you are with a company that’s even better. See how many perspectives can you distill from this Talsint rug.

Talsint rug.

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  • Abdelghani Hammoud
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