Moroccan Carpet – The Most Unique Way to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

Lately, you must have witnessed Moroccan rugs and carpets in all shelter magazines, managing to be both cozy and chic. So, now you are wondering how could you make one work in your space. Although choosing carpets for a home is an intimidating task, Moroccan rugs can be easily integrated into any design.

You will find many Moroccan rugs designed in popular vibrant and colorful palettes and can be found nearly every color of the rainbow. If you are in search of a design little pared back, you can find many of them available with basic colors and simple, geometric designs, such as white and black.

The rugs are comfortable, urbane, and casual and can work in any decor – from contemporary to traditional. Not only Moroccan rugs are great works of art but they are decorative items as well, adding color and texture. They are less expensive than any other rugs available in the market today and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

History of the Moroccan Rugs 

The art of weaving a Moroccan rug has its origins in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The mountain tribal hand over this form of art from one generation to the other. People in North Africa not only use this rug as home decor, but it is also a fundamental component of their culture. Many consider this hand-knotted rug as a perfect gift for their near ones.

Types of Moroccan Carpets 

The carpets are famously known as Berber carpets, named after the tribe. They are made from hand-dyed wool and each rug is distinctive when it comes to the designs, patterns, and colors.

Fez carpets are the most expensive type of Moroccan carpets available. They hold the most intricate, delicate handwork in terms of pattern and are densely knotted.

Kilims or Hanbels carpets are usually made from an amalgamation of both – wool or silk. These are light in weight, flat in weave, and the designs are in hues of white, blue, red, mauve, and green. These are a bit cheaper than the other two varieties.

Why Have Moroccan Carpets for Your Home? 

How to blend the new with the old is the biggest struggle of modern time people. This goes true for our houses as well. We want our homes to look traditional, modern, and stylish, all at the same time. And Moroccan carpets perfectly fir the bill for this requirement.

They brighten up the ambience and make for luxurious living. The carpets are unique and go a long way in representing your aesthetic taste. The natural and detailed patterns, bright colors make them stand apart from their factory counterparts. So, go ahead and add a dash of color to your wall, floor, or just use the carpet as a throw.

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