Impressive, Bright & Creative Boucherouite Rug Gets Along With Any Interior Design

There is no surprise that a tradition of rugs is found all across the world. Different cultures have used their local materials and creativity to make distinctive rug designs for hundreds of years. Morocco is known for producing a wide range of beautiful and impressive rugs that are unique. Are you looking for a fantastic product to add extra color and contemporary flair to your home Interior? It is hard to beat the vibrant color of Morocco’s innovatively designed handmade Boho style Boucharouite rug. Apart from that Boucharouette rug is also featured in various art exhibitions around the world. Literally, it is an art that adds beauty, energy, and life to your house instantly.

Boucherouite rugs are also specialized woven Moroccan rugs that have a great demand among global customers. We at Moroccan Carpet LTD stock a wide range of finely-woven muted Boucherouite rugs from Morocco and assure you supply the genuine product to your home. We bring you the product that is a blend of both colors and patterns added creatively to deliver you the most striking artworks of our community. Furthermore, we help you discover genuine Boucherouite rugs that come in various shapes and sizes that fit best to your space as well.

The Boucherouite rug Morocco is handwoven by the Berber tribe. In order to create such specialty rugs, we follow age-old traditions and beliefs.  Boucherouite means making the rag rugging by using the waste or scrap clothing, wool, recycled carpets, or even goat hair. Instead of using wool to weave the rugs, our tribal women in Morocco use yarn from recycled carpets, wool, cotton, lurex, and nylon. We use plastic from grain shipping bags used as packaging material to create some beautiful patterns on the Boucherouite rugs. Some of the best qualities of our Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are:

  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Colorful & abstract
  • Uneven, irregular, and unique pattern
  • Using it in your space will give an overall unique feel.
  • Significantly enhance the beauty of your house.
  • Handmade, freestyle stitch to create extravagant rugs
  • Get along with almost any interior design that you can see.
  • Suitable for any area of your home and mainly used in kid’s rooms,
  • They have a minimal impact on the environment, so they are gentle for our planet.
  • They appear to be expanding, spreading, and changing shape.

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are unique pieces of modern art to decorate your floor or wall. It is not an ancient rug as our other rugs we sell online. In the early 20th century, women started to create such a new kind of rug in which they did not use wool. It is popularly known as the Moroccan boucherouite rug, which represents an attractive face of our Moroccan Tribal Naive Art. The women artisans incorporate their imaginative ideas, vision, inherited tribal symbols, and personal beliefs while creating such a unique product. Suche symbols, patterns, and motifs are pretty significant for Berber tribes. It is trendy and quite stylish, and you can use it as an indoor carpet at a boho-style home or for more practical use.


This recycling process has become very trendy in the Middle and Higher Atlas villages. The tribal women follow the freestyle weaving method to make such carpets, and the pattern on the Boucherouite rugs is usually asymmetrical. It will make the Boucherouite rugs look extravagant. The most significant thing about Boucherouite rugs is their vibrant & bright color. You can never get this kind of color when you use other dyes. You won’t get this unique Boucherouite rugs anywhere except Morocco. All such things happen due to the creative weaving work of our expert artisans. The effort as a whole will make it look both catchy and attractive to behold.


Here is an elementary introduction to our Moroccan Boucherouite rugs. What do you think? If you like to see more Boucherouite rug designs, then visit today and explore more.


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