How to Style Your Favorite Abstract Rug Morocco – 5 Tips to Know!

Moroccan rugs are usually the carpets and textiles that are traditionally hand-woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic era. Tribal people earlier used to hand weave these rugs for utility rather than decorative purposes.

Abstract rug Morocco is a decor must-have for design enthusiasts as they tend to be one-of-a-kind, statement-making pieces that give any room a special feel. Their tones range from the perfect buttery white shade to electric hues that you would never expect to work in your home but totally do.

Because of their wide variety and understated elegance, they can stand well in both modern maximalist interiors and eclectic, relaxed settings. If you are looking for abstract Moroccan rug styling tips, below we explain to you some.

Layer it! 

This simple tip works well for tons of different styles of homes. Layering rugs is one of the hottest design trends and goes perfectly with Moroccan rugs. They provide a larger base layer and can help frame the room. This makes the rug stand out on a perfect stage. For a more exotic look, you can consider using a Talsint rug. These hand-woven, wool-made rugs are plush and soft to touch. This carpet is a go-to alternative if you want to add simple beauty and function to your home décor.

Design around the rug and allow it to be smaller. 

This might sometimes feel really hard for people to imagine. But this can be done beautifully, easily with an abstract rug Morocco making your home look amazing. This style can be done by putting the couch legs on or off the rug.

Use more than one rug, or offset them!

Now, this is where you need to get really creative. Sometimes you need to take the boldest step for the most spectacular rooms, as just following the rules sometimes can result in boring spaces. Though it might seem harder to incorporate, they can provide unique results.

Use abstract rugs Morocco in different and unique rooms – not just the living room 

This point is the most important one when it comes to Moroccan rug styling. People only visualize rugs for living rooms, but owing to their size they can work in a variety of spaces. They give new life to rooms that need a pop! They are perfect for large entryways, office setting, bedroom, dining space, and even bathroom.

Get a larger, new Moroccan rug or order a personalized one. 

Larger Moroccan rugs can fit more traditional western spaces. These rugs are very beautiful and fairly priced taking to their size and the time it takes to weave them.


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