Beni Mguild Rugs – Designed To Be Aesthetic

At We Berber we have spend several years working with Berber folks in Morocco, who both weave out in-house designed rugs & who we source our one-of-a-kind vintage rugs from. The term “Berber Rugs” has been popularized recently, and is usually employed to portray the monochrome Beni-Ourain rugs which undergone a resurrection of late.

The fact is that all Moroccan rugs are in fact Berber Rugs, since they’re all crafted by diverse Berber tribes in Morocco. Nevertheless each tribe has a unique style – which usually comes about due the factors like the local available resources, native plants for the dyes and the weather of each region.

Customarily Moroccan rugs were made only by females for use inside their houses, to decorate the flooring, and use as bed covers, seating covers or blankets throughout the winter season. The rugs are packed with imagery & generally narrate a tale of the woman who crafted each piece. Each rug needs nearly 20 to thirty days to be handcrafted & the design is always absolutely original. You will find no two rugs the same.

Here is a look at the different types of Moroccan rugs:

Beni Ourain Rugs:

These types of rugs are wonderfully muted in their color palette. Their hues can vary from cloud white to sandy cream, and their light tones suits ideally to roomy minimalist houses.

Handcrafted by the Beni Ourain tribe, each rug is embellished with soft black or dark brown geometric lines and patterns. The design on all rugs is usually asymmetrical & mismatched, adding to their beauty.

Beni Mguild Rugs:

Each kind of Moroccan rug varies in thickness because of changeable temperatures all through the Atlas Mountains – the Beni Mguild rugs in Morocco from the western Middle Atlas area mirror this in its lush, thick weave.

These types of rugs are generally crafted on a vertical loom & avail in deep shades of red, brown, purple and blue. To adjust to cyclic variations, the rugs can be flipped to show the flat side in the warmer season when the thick pile is not needed.

Here at We Berber, we specialized in supplying Beni Mguild rugs in Morocco which are skillfully hand-woven on traditional looms. All of our vintage rugs are handmade, so you are never short of options. If you want to bring in the vibrant colors and ambiguous charm to your space, then you must give our unique Beni Mguild rugs a try.

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