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A seat of wool brings all attainments

A seat of wool brings all attainments

In the Hindu sacred text Guru Gita, the importance of the material used for one’s seat during meditation and prayer is emphasized. While the text itself may not be universally recognized as “indispensable” across all yoga traditions, it offers valuable insights into the subtle energetic influences that different materials can have on our spiritual practice.

The verses in the Guru Gita highlight the belief that the material used for our seat can impact the effectiveness of our spiritual practices. This concept aligns with the understanding in many spiritual traditions that our physical environment and the objects we interact with can influence our energy and consciousness.

The verses specifically mention:

  • Cloth: Sitting on cloth is said to lead to “lack,” potentially referring to a lack of focus or energy during meditation.
  • Stone: A stone seat is believed to bring “disease,” suggesting that it may not be conducive to a comfortable and grounded meditation experience.
  • Earth: Sitting directly on the earth is said to result in “unhappiness,” possibly indicating a lack of stability or grounding.
  • Wood: A wooden seat is considered to render the practice “useless,” suggesting that it may not provide the necessary support or energy flow for meditation.

Favorable Materials for Spiritual Practice:

The verses then highlight three materials considered beneficial for meditation and prayer:

  • Black Deerskin: This is said to bring “knowledge,” suggesting that it may enhance focus and clarity during practice.
  • Tiger Skin: Sitting on a tiger skin is believed to lead to the “treasure of liberation,” potentially signifying a deeper spiritual connection and access to higher states of consciousness.
  • Sacred Kusha Grass: This revered grass is said to bring “wisdom,” indicating that it may promote a sense of peace and understanding during meditation.

Wool: The Seat of All Attainments:

The Guru Gita concludes by emphasizing the significance of wool as a material for meditation: “A seat of wool brings all attainments.” This suggests that wool is considered the most ideal material for a meditation seat, as it is believed to provide the necessary comfort, support, and energetic balance to facilitate deep and focused spiritual practice.


The Guru Gita’s verses offer valuable insights into the potential impact of different materials on our spiritual practice. While the specific interpretations and practices may vary across different traditions, the text highlights the importance of intention and awareness when choosing the materials we use for meditation and prayer.

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