5 facts to know about Berbers

5 facts to know about Berbers

Saturday,13 January 2018 is a special day for millions of people from all the places of the world. This day is the first day of the 2968 year of the Amazigh, Berber, calendar that is called Yennayer. Seems a significant number, yeah it is. However, this figure does not reveal the actual period of the existence of the Amazigh in the earth. 

For the sake of this particular day, we want to take this chance to give you some facts about the Amazigh culture.

1- the term Berber was first used centuries ago by foreigners and is a variation of the Greek word Barbaros (barbarian)? Interestingly, the name was used to describe anyone who didn’t speak Greek! It was never intended to offend - unlike the modern day term that is used to describe an uncivilized group of people. However, nowadays Berbers proudly call themselves Amazigh (m), Tamazight (f) or Imazighen(plural), meaning ‘free men’ or ‘noble people.’

2- Amazigh people are the first who celebrate a day for the sake of the earth because of the goodness that the latter gives to humans.

3- Berbers are the first tribe who applied the freedom of the belief. Consequently, Berbers have many religions but the dominant religion is Islam. However, before the Muslims conquered them some were atheists and others pagans.

4- Amazigh tribes are known for their respect for women. One great example of that is Dihya a Berber warrior queen, a religious, and military leader who led indigenous resistance to the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb, the region then known as Numidia. She was born in the early 7th century and died around the end of the 7th century in modern-day Algeria.

5- Nomad tribes are the ones who invented Couscous that is composed of 7 varieties of green plants, such as asparagus, artichokes, leek or cress. Now, In Morocco Muslims do always celebrate their holy Friday with the couscous meal in the lunch.

The Amazigh culture is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Now, you can find Berbers among all the part of the world. And, each group of them are planning for the celebration of Yennayer to revive its culture and history. You can too celebrate the Yennayer in your way with one of the artifacts of this culture. We would like to suggest to you one of our carpets decore your interior for the sake of such an event. You can have a look on our handmade rugs on our website.

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  • Abdelghani Hammoud
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