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5 Amazigh names for your son and daughter


Finally, we have a name which is used in multiple Amazigh dialects. And why not, as it has a beautiful meaning – ‘moonshine’! Though the name has a feminine ring to it, it is used for males.


Mighty and strong, this name stands for ‘eagle’ in one of the Amazigh languages. Giving this name to your kid would mean that he is going to be as sharp, intelligent, and majestic as an eagle.


Coming from the Tuareg dialect, this unique sounding name means ‘protector’, a quality that people naturally like in a boy.


This is one of the most known and best Amazigh names. It means the light of the moon. It shows your affection to your baby boy. Normally, Amazigh mother call their sons who have this name “ Ayyour Ino” that means my light.

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