The Stories of Morocco's Carpets

The Stories of Morocco's Carpets

The Stories of Morocco's Carpets



In Morocco every carpet informs a story.

From the monochromatic Beni Ourains to the detailed Zemmour kilims, the nation's weavings are both a narrative art type as well as a necessity.


The history of Moroccan rugs days as much back as the Paleolithic Period.

Traditionally they were woven by the Berber tribes for their utility, showing Morocco's distinctive climate.

The snow-capped, windy elevations of the Atlas Hills generated thick, heavy-pile sleeping mats and bed treatments, and the harsh warm of the Sahara inspired light flat-weave serapes.

The people's semi-nomadic presence likewise affected the dimension of the items as the looms as well as carpets needed to be portable, meaning there can be no weavings over regarding 7 feet.



Born of necessity, the layout of the Berber weaving soon went beyond simply sensible problems.

As Ismail discusses, the precise designs as well as concepts of each rug are a doorway into the past, an evocative symbolic language gave from generation to generation.

Hand woven as well as bound by the women of the people, each carpet can occupy to a year to complete.


The grace and also accuracy of the spontaneous geometric designs portray everything from womanhood to spirituality and also male protection, and also the communication of the icons inform the tale of the weaver's life from one end to the other.

The carpet's mix of minimalism as well as handmade information, their subdued restriction as well as strong ingenuity, were initial advertised in the West by the mid-century modernists.


Beni ourain rug,living-room


In the 1930s developers as well as designers such as Le Corbusier, Charles as well as Ray Eames and Alvar Alto, began integrating the deluxe, soft carpets in their insides as a counterbalance to the austerity of their sleekly designed furniture.

Frank Lloyd Wright was also known to travel to Morocco to restore carpetings for his customers, and his house at Falling Water includes black and white Beni Ourain carpetings in virtually every room.


Since then, the sparse back and also white designs of the respected Beni Ourain people have actually ended up being increasingly prominent in the West.

Nonetheless, as Ismail spread out each carpeting in the semi-darkness of the souk, our eyes were captured by the weavings of a various Berber people: the Azilals.


Similar to the Beni Ourain, Azilal carpets are one-of-a-kind items, woven from colored and also undyed lamb's woollen.

They come from the Tadla-Azilal district in the Atlas Hills and are created by the Ait Bouzid, Ait Shokmane, Ait Bou Oulli and also Ait Bougmez tribes.

Far rarer than the Beni Ourains, they usually feature similar all-natural cream color and also ebony ruby lattice designs on a neutral white background, yet are identified by their abstract highlights.


azilal rug


The tips of henna, indigo, saffron and madder origin dyes that make their method into the carpet's motifs and edges have their very own story to inform.


In Berber society red stands for toughness as well as security, blue wisdom, yellow infinity as well as environment-friendly tranquility.

It is this combination of magic meaning as well as minimal energy that offers the Berber carpets their distinct allure.

Each carpeting lugs the weaver's wish to protect the human spirit from adverse energy as well as secure the human body from the aspects.


Whether we lay them on our floorings or hang them on our wall surfaces, these story-filled pieces of art end up being amulets for our day-to-day lives.



  • Abdelghani Hammoud





Rugs are a main style aspect in the house and also sometimes the a lot more complex the style the better structure it will certainly come to be for everything else that is to go in the area.


Lot of times when customers will take the time to travel to the neighborhood marketplaces of Peru or Turkey when they are searching for a rug, they recognize they may not discover in their homeland for the exact same cost.


Sometimes the rug comes to be the focal point if whatever else around it has actually been tactically placed.

The patterns and the weaving strategies that the natives of those countries use when making their carpets are second to none.


Likewise, lots of customers will opt for the look that Moroccan carpets will certainly give their residence. Several of the best rug weavers are discovered in position such as India, Peru, Turkey, as well as Morocco.












moroccan rug












When you take the time to visit the marketplace of those nations, you will certainly have no very easy choice to make if you are there to acquire a carpet.

The care as well as the top quality of the materials and styles are not found right here in the USA unless they have been imported from those countries directly to the merchant you are purchasing it from.


However, if you are unable to travel to these lovely locations in order to acquire a carpet however you still desire to have one, all is not shed, there are many different online vendors that will offer you the exact same high quality rugs that you would certainly have had the ability to pick from outdoors market.


As soon as you begin shopping on the internet you will certainly be presented with a variety and perfectly attractively woven rugs that will certainly make you want to buy one for every area in your house.

Although it's not the like having the non reusable money to fly to Marrakech and spend time at the marketplace going to the carpet shops in Fez, for that reason, getting online is the next best point to being there.


When a homeowner is searching for a main item of merchandise for their entranceway, they will be able to pick from various vibrantly colored items that are located in a Moroccan carpet collection.

Acquiring among these carpets as a runner in the foyer of your residence can be a novelty within itself.























Depending on the style as well as shape of your carpet, you may not wish to place it on the flooring, however you may want to show off its charm by using it as a wall dangling or tossing it over the walk that remains in your loft.

Nevertheless, if the moment ever comes and also you do have the enjoyment of mosting likely to Marrakech it is useful to have some sort of concept of what you will certainly be called for to spend for a rug at the market.

It will also be practical to recognize beforehand that you should act as though you are not as much crazy with the item as you actually are.

The more loose you are the far better price you will certainly get. Know that you have to be a strong negotiator and also stick firm to your rate, or you will wind up paying way too much dirham of what you are getting.























Consequently, if you are in the marketplace for a rug that will bring life to the floorings in your house or become an interesting work of art to hang on the wall surface in the space of your option after that buying a Moroccan carpet is going to get you begun in the appropriate direction.


  • Abdelghani Hammoud
Boucherouite carpets dustcloth carpets

Boucherouite carpets dustcloth carpets

Boucherouite carpets dustcloth carpets



On these, usually extremely modest, families, the Berbere ladies weave rugs out of disposed of scraps of material. A thousand scraps of cotton, nylon and occasionally woollen are woven right into these wonderful attractive creations.


The comparison in between the poverty of the materials made use of as well as the richness of the last composition contributes to these awe-inspiring jobs of modern-day art.









boucherouite rug









Up until just recently these cloth rugs were of no commercial worth, they were not also revealed by the souk shopkeepers, yet a rate of interest has been born as well as has actually spread out from Europe to the UNITED STATES and also Japan.


The sheer sincerity of these creative developments, their bright colours, their lyrical abstract movements and also their moderate prices are of great passion to the younger generation that value their credibility as well as aesthetic value.


These tapestries attract one right into a visual dream globe, where there are no pre-defined restrictions, where the recommended forms could continue to infinity past the structure.


We become stirred by such carpetings, relocated by the understanding that they were never ever developed as artwork, established at the impulse of its weaver as well as influenced by the buried memories of their ancestors.

Each job has elevated, in a shocking fashion, from its ethnic origins to reach an expression of global appeal.

Unlike a lot of European weaving methods, based on preconditioned patterns; the Berbere ladies weave via activity of their fingers, without any illustrations or predefined layouts, exactly as the various brushworks produce a painting.


This is exactly how each "boucharouette" tapestry comes to be a special artwork as well as just how the endless level of sensitivity of the Berbere ladies can be revealed without any premeditation.









rag rug









The cultural influences of these Berbere females can be traced back to the dawn of time; the ever-present ruby concept has actually existed since Neolithic times.

These works expose traces of thousand-year-old civilisations, disclosing indicators and symbols of a lot more distant history.

One can similarly discover evident the results of the mixing of the Berbere and African cultures, incorporated with the genealogical campers of the Sahara as well as Sudan.


As Frederic DAMGAARD notes, in his exceptional publication "Tapis et tissages, l'art des femmes berbères au Maroc", it is wise to contrast the tapestry job of the Berbere women to a musical tool: "It is very easy to compare a Berbere female in front of her loom, to a pianist before his piano.








Amazon - Tapis et tissages


Both make up a gorgeous tune, with rhythms and also consistencies, with colours and notes.

Their ratings stay flexible leaving space for individual improvisation. Both have accessibility to huge collections that can be translated according to personal impulse and sensitivity.


Art is not just for painters as well as sculptors; several tribal things stimulate our detects, and can be thought about as works of art.


The Museum of Early Art in Paris has developed new viewpoints for these novices of tribal art, in which significance, graphics as well as range of colour highlight their universal worth of charm.


It is interesting to state how the strong and also sublime graphics of these Berbere carpets and also rugs has actually inspired several modern-day musicians.

It will certainly constantly be astonishing to see the exact same notes that go through Berbere carpetings apparent in the works of KANDINSKY, KLEE, MONDRIAN, POLLOCK, or several various other abstract artists.


It is for numerous factors that we have loved these boucharouettes and we want to contribute to their exploration by amateur collection agencies.


We do our small component in the expertise that these woven masterpieces have actually been identified by professionals, gallery proprietors and gallery curators.

  • Abdelghani Hammoud
Happy Yennayer 2969

Happy Yennayer 2969

Happy Yennayer


Yennayer is the first month of the Berber Year ( Berber languages: Aseggas Amaziɣ) or the Berber year utilized given that classical times by the Berbers in North Africa.

Its very first day corresponds to the first day of January of the Julian Calendar, which is shifted thirteen days compared to the Gregorian schedule, i.e. 14 January of every year.

Probably as a result of a blunder of the first cultural organizations asking to return to this typical celebration, the viewpoint that the traditional day is 13 January is extremely extensive particularly in Morocco, Libya and also Canary Islands.

Whereas in Algeria is 12 January. On 27 December 2017, Algeria's Head of state Abdelaziz Bouteflika chose to acknowledge Yennayer as a public vacation commemorated on 12 January of every year.





The Berber Academy was based on the truth that North Africans used to celebrate Yennayer annually, announcing it as "Amazigh New Year".

It was Ammar Negad who advanced a Berber schedule in 1980, based upon a site occasion in the history of the Amazigh people, an undeniable historic truth to make it the absolutely no point of the calendar.

His choice dropped on the year 950 BC, which corresponds to the date when the Berber king Sheshonq (likewise meant Chichnaq or Chichneq) was enthroned Pharaoh of Egypt as well as established the XXII Dynasty which controlled Egypt up until the year 715 BC.

This Berber king had handled to merge Egypt and afterwards invade Palestine.

It is said of him that he confiscated the prizes of the Holy place of Solomon in Jerusalem in 926 BC.


This day is discussed in the Scriptures and also would certainly be, therefore, the initial date of Berber background on written assistance.

King Sheshonq is pointed out in the Bible as Sésaq as well as Shishaq (שִׁישַׁק) in ancient Hebrew this variation remains extremely objected to.

Another version that shows that the beginning of this event is only a custom that celebrates the day when we begin to pick the olives



amazigh calendar




Yennayer is the Berber kind of January, cognate with Italian gennaio Spanish enero and German Jänner.

In Amazigh language, it suggests actually month-one: Yenn = Oneand Ayur = month.




 Free Gift




Free Gift This Yennayer With every Order.

Buy 1 And Get 1 For Free.





Encyclopaedia Universalis. France S.A. 1989.

Paul Couderc. Le calendrier. P.U.F. Que sais-je. no 203

Jean Servier. Tradition et civilisation berbères. "Les portes de l’année". Éditions du Rocher. août 1985


  • Abdelghani Hammoud
Moroccan Rugs- Why They Are a Must-Have

Moroccan Rugs- Why They Are a Must-Have

Moroccan Rugs- Why They Are a Must-Have



Rugs hold enormous abilities as a layout aspect provided their impressive appeal and performance.

Moroccan carpets, particularly, hold a splendor of heritage that has actually been passed down from generation to generation.

 berber rug







The interior decoration of an area is greatly affected by the little yet crucial components which you can include in your room.

Among the must-have items, which can immediately transform a dull space right into one that is full of life as well as beauty, is carpets.


These artistic items have actually for ages been a part of the crucial essentials for several neighborhoods across the world.

Opposing the test of time and building adjustments which has affected a great deal of components, carpets continue to be an essential component of any home.


Many home owners today have their floors tiled or totally carpeted from wall surface to wall and also believe they do not have a room for rugs.

This is quite the opposite as rugs contribute that can not be duplicated by any type of various other alternate residence decoration elements.











interior design,moroccan rug










The distinguishing characteristic of rugs where they just cover a specified location of rate of interest in contrast to carpetings, which are implied for the entire floor, makes them an exciting piece for any room.

In the bed room, you can have a tiny carpet right beside the bed to include additional heat to your setting. On the other hand, for resting locations, you can have a huge rug be the base upon which that classic table you purchased rests.


The endless methods which you can decorate your area with a carpet can only be made better by obtaining an exceptional high quality item.

Keeping active art that has actually always been a part of the standard everyday living, the Moroccan Carpet is a work of art that is incomparable.


Handcrafted by weavers that have actually found out the art from the preceding generations, each piece is made with terrific focus to information that can not be attained by any copy cats.

In the neighborhoods in Morocco, women have the role of making rugs a main reason behind the fragile equilibrium of shade as well as design for the carpets.











handcraft berber rug










Significance is of relevance among the Berbers community as it enables supernatural links that surpass physical boundaries.

It is this extremely limitless rapport that is in-grained to their rugs which are artistic items that present creative thinking at its ideal.


Fine lines as well as patterns that are simple in type however catchy to the eye belong of these decorative rugs which perfectly suit the contemporary rooms.

In obtaining a Moroccan rug, you take greater than simply another product off the racks but own a piece with a tale for the globe.











contemporary interior design










The easiest means to have the guarantee that the piece you are about to acquire is a Moroccan rug is to make inquiries on its origin and materials utilized for the manufacturing.


A respectable shop strictly stocks pieces that come right from Morocco and are made with all-natural springtime woollens and also indigenous dyes which give them an one-of-a-kind color of shade.

A top notch financial investment guarantees that the piece you purchase will be sturdy and not quickly discolor even after years of usage.


  • Abdelghani Hammoud
Five wonderful carpets that are made in Morocco

Five wonderful carpets that are made in Morocco

Five wonderful carpets that are made in Morocco

The nation of Morocco is rich in cultural diversity in addition to background. Morocco is a nation that is popular for its worldwide pertained to food, design, and also particularly their carpets.

Atlas Mountains


Atlas Mountains

While authentic hand-crafted Moroccan carpets are highly valued as artworks, many people normally can not identify what kind of rug it is that they are considering, whether it be a Moroccan rug or a completely different handmade rug completely. Right here are the lots of sorts of rugs that are created in Morocco, and what divides them from the remainder.


Beni Ourain


Beni ourain rug

What may sound like a high-end style brand, Beni Ourain rather contains a people that extends throughout the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A Beni Ourain rug is made of pure sheepskin wool. These carpets are normally light tan in color festooned with Berber insignia. If you occur to come across a Beni Ourain rug that is blue-green or beige in shade, it is taken into consideration unusual. These carpets are incredibly popular due to their classic appearance and also minimalistic charm. Amongst the significant Beni Ourain rug owners consist of famous engineer Frank Lloyd Wright, that owned numerous rugs of this kind in his very own ridiculous Chicago house.



Azilal rug

Azilal rugs have stemmed from central Morocco, in a province that passes the same name. These rugs are made solely by Berber ladies. While they look like Beni Ourain due to their thick, pampered feel, the distinction lies in the shade. Azizal rugs will more than most likely have actually synthetic colored weaves that are woven into geometric forms. The color of these woollens originates from vegetable dyes. For an extra dynamic, creative variation of a Beni Ourain carpet, you would love to have an Azizal.



Kilim rug

Kilims are normally associated with Balkan, Turkish, or Pakistani designers, however Morocco is one more country that crafts beautiful carpets of this kind. Kilim carpets are flat woven, indicating that they are not as soft as similar woven carpets; they will certainly show up thinner with no stack. While they are not the best to feel compared to other rugs, they are fairly interesting to consider with fascinating layouts as well as colors. Kilim carpets are compatible with lots of layout decors and are extremely affordable as well. These rugs are not made to hold up against foot website traffic, nonetheless. They are instead used as art.


tapis rabat

Unlike the various other rugs in this article, Rabat carpets are extra on the ritzy side of design. These carpets, despite their royal look, provide some of the brightest as well as most saturated shades of all the Moroccan carpets. They obtained their name from being crafted in Rabat, which is, in fact, the resources of Morocco. These carpets typically feature a ruby concept in the center, bordered by a main area that is a consistent shade of red, green, blue, or purple. The diamond center as well as borders are developed with sophisticated, vibrant, and classy patterns that are virtually impossible with other handmade carpets. While these rugs are not as popular as they once were, they can still be discovered in the residences of Moroccan aristocrats and also upperclassmen. As you can inform, these carpets are the most costly of all the Moroccan styles.




Boujaad rug

Like the Beni Ourain, these rugs stemmed from a tribe in the center Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. These resemble the Beni Ourain with all-natural dyes, yet the difference lies in the Boujad rug's use of pink, orange, and/or purple shades. These carpets additionally include uneven geometric patterns where the allure hinges on the individuality as well as developer's indigenous workmanship.
  • Abdelghani Hammoud
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