3 WeBerber rugs that Elyzabeth likes to practice yoga on

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Here we are with our second post 3 WeBerber rugs. Have you seen the first one, 3 WeBerber rugs that Barbara likes to play music on? here

This time Elyzabeth chose 3 Weberber Moroccan rugs that she likes to practice yoga on. Elyzabeth has been practicing Cashmere yoga for thirty years according to the practice of Eric Baret. She is a yoga instructor in Casablanca, Morocco and France.

She chose 3 of our wonderful wool rugs from azilal, brightly colored with subtle and artistic motifs. As Elyzabeth points out, there is no softer or more welcoming support for the beauty of body movements and for the peaceful breathing of non-doing meditation than WeBerber Moroccan handmade wool rugs. They definitely bring joy to our practice. See them here

azilal rug

“The sunrise scatters the clouds, the rising of prana disperses ignorance, the rising of Consciousness abolishes duality”. Eric Baret

Lying down on the wool rug, the exploration is done in the sweetness of the morning.

yoga, azilal rug
azilal rugfs

The body frees itself from tensions letting go in postural exploration, like the artist with his brush in front of the empty space. As we embrace the multiple hues of the rug, silence is made.

yoga azilal rug
azilal rug

Inspired by the traditional structure of the Berber rug, by the weaving that gives form to its architecture, the body lets itself become a painter in space. Harmony with the sacred is achieved.

yoga beach
yoga rug

From sunrise to sunset, a subtle variation of light and colors, as we inhale and exhale until the night re-absorbs creation in its absolute silence.

azilal rug yoga
yoga azilal rug

“ To meditate and pray while seated on a seat of wool brings all attainments.
To influence others, sit on a red seat. To defeat demons, on a black seat. To gain wealth, on a yellow seat. And to realize peace in a white seat. ” Guru Gita, hindu sacred text

azilal rugs

” One should consider knowledge to be identical with the object of knowledge. There is no way other than that (to liberation).” Guru Gita, hindu sacred text

Beautiful photos shot by Pedro Orihuela
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Our dear yogi Elyzabeth Ernoult
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